About @Tweet_Cardiff

My name is Rowena Wilcox (a_la_Rowena) and I run #Tweet_Cardiff.

I have just completed a three-year BA(Hons) Journalism degree and set up this site as I have a keen intterested in Twitter and hyperlocal journalism (well, I’m a teensy bit obsessed really).

There is a seemingly over-abundance of hyperlocal sites out there in the face of Web 2.0 (and emerging 3.0) and whilst Twitter is excellent for receiving news on an international or national scale, depending on your followers and people you follow, it can be a great local information resource if one region is extrapolated and focused upon.

This is what I chose to do with the site and @Tweet_Cardiff  brings you the topics trending in Cardiff right now and various other Twitter related goodies, including regular features like ‘#Five_Top…’, in depth think pieces and some opinion posts scattered in between.

It has a target audience of Cardiff Cardiff Twitter-ers with regular Twitter related features like the hash tags, underscores and reliance on user-generated content.

If you live, work or study in Cardiff or the surrounding area and are a keen writer/Twitter user / reviewer/photographer and would like to submit content for @Tweet_Cardiff then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

To contact by email use the following address: newsandthat@googlemail.com or contact us via Twitter by sending an @reply or direct message to @Tweet_Cardiff.

Twitter am byth!



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