Posted by: rowenawilcox | August 31, 2010

TV gold as Corrie wedding comes a Cropper

There’s nothing like a wedding to get people talking and Soap Land is no exception.

Roy and Hayley’s big day came a Cropper when the steam train supposedly getting them to the church on time, was uncoupled by mean Mary and left the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids, Becky and Fizz, stranded in the middle of nowhere…although in true soap fashion, the wedding party took longer to find out than the time it would take to run all of the programme’s ad breaks back to back.

Tensions rose on board as allegations of abuse from a gloating Sally led Claire to out Sophie and Sian’s affair that had been running for months, but just had to come to a head in front of everyone…well naturally.

Keeping their end of the bargain, quick thinking Becky and Fizz got the blushing bride to the church packed with the whole of Weatherfield, on a hand-powered cart, in scenes reminiscent of a black and white carry on spoof.

As in real life, the show had to go on and Hayley walked down the aisle to ‘Lean On Me’ to stand beside king of the bacon butty, Roy, and exchanged ‘I do’s.

Congratulations Corrie on your wedding day.


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