Posted by: rowenawilcox | August 25, 2010

Another Big Brother bites the dust

Big Brother: The show that made household names of Brian Dowling, the late Jade Goody and even the hostess herself, Davina McCall, has outlived its glory days (by about eight years) and will be added to the bulging-in-the-middle shelf of axed ex-favourite TV shows. 

There have been moments of sheer television genius over the programme’s tumultuous 11-year history. Its best bits have been: BB3 winner, Kate, attempting to put on every item of clothing she had in the house whilst incredibly drunk; BB5 winner, Nadia’s strops over the shortage of cigarettes and every single moment BB7 diva, Nikki Grahame, spent in the Diary Room.     


 Granted, these aren’t exactly ‘highlights’ are they? Whilst they were extremely funny at the time, none of them actually stand up to defining the BB legacy – one that supposedly spans 11 series’. But, that’s the best there is.    

Yes, there have been memorable tasks like, um, thinking…still thinking, oh, I know, the one where they were all wired to a giant buzz wire game in the garden and received an electric shock every time Rex hit the metal frame in last year’s series.     

This is the problem with BB: All of the stunts, tasks and even housemates themselves are funny on paper, promise to stir things up a little and then go down like a lead balloon the moment they appear on-screen. They are pointless and merge into one great catastrophe when you try to sum up the whole BB experience.    

Of course, there has been more controversy surrounding the show than there have been rows over food, costumes or tasks. Kinga tops this pile with her ‘to much information’ performance in the garden during BB6.   

Next is Goldengate as 100 golden tickets were hidden in Kit-Kats, Wonka-style, giving their finders a chance of becoming a housemate if their number was picked during a live show. 34 people came forward and Suzie entered BB7 under a cloud of suspicion after the tabloids ran stories alleging she already knew she’d be picked and the Advertising standards Authority criticised BB for not having an independent observer present as the winning ball was drawn.   

And then there’s ‘Fight Night’. During a task on BB5, Emma and Michelle thought they were being evicted and were instead holed up in a bedsit next door and allowed to watch and listen to everything going on…before re-entering the house to confront the ones talking about them.   

Cue the drama.   

A booze-fuelled brawl erupted soon after their entrance (under a serving trolley) and for the first time ever, the live streaming had to be cut as Emma and Victor threatened to kill each other and security had to intervene, leading to Emma being booted of the show, Victor on a final warning and the police requesting to see the footage.   

This is not what the reality show to end all reality shows promised and made many viewers switch off. Was this the straw that broke Big Brother’s back?   


Billed as the best series yet, the producers pulled out all the stops by bringing in Z-list ‘celebs’, and I use the term very loosely, like Andrew Stone, Anthea Turner and Simon Webbe (don’t worry I had to Google them too) to spice things up a little. Instead they created a Big Bother.   

Last night Josie was crowned winner of BB11 after winning over the public with her ‘I really should speak before opening my mouth’ attitude, witty one-liners and Summer fling with John James.  

She’s now competing against ex-housemates that BB bosses have chosen for Ultimate Big Brother and although we were led to believe the show’s top housemates were spending the next 18 days at BB’s leisure, instead we have Ulrika, Chantelle and Chantelle’s ex-husband, Preston. Whoopee.   

These three have competed in BB’s ‘Celebrity’ versions, and, well, the least said about Celebrity Big Brother the better.   

Where are the true heavyweight contestants? People like Helen ‘I love blinkin’ I do’ Adams, Brian Belo and TV handyman Craig who won the first series when spending the Summer in front of the box watching the live footage was the only thing to do.    

Day 1 in the Ultimate Big Brother House, the show is on its last legs, the housemates are attempting to revive and already non-existent career and all of the best bits will be edited out.    

Will there be tears when the plug is pulled?…YOU decide!


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