Posted by: rowenawilcox | August 18, 2010

Blame it on the weatherman

BBC weatherman, Tomasz Schafernaker, is the subject of many Tweets this morning for making a rude gesture on live TV.

Schafernaker, who was named best TV weather presenter at this year’s (Television and Radio Industries Club (TRIC) Awards,  stuck up his middle finger to news presenter, Simon McCoy, after he’d sarcastically handed over to the weather, saying: “Now we’ll have the weather forecast in just a minute. Of course it will be 100% accurate and provide you with all the details you could possibly want”.

Very un-BBC.

 After the gaffe on BBC’s News Channel, McCoy said: “Every now and again there’s always a mistake and that was it” and a BBC spokesperson apologised for any offence.

Polish-born Schafernaker took to his website to further apologise, writing: “Prior to a live weather bulletin, I made a gesture off camera joking with my fellow presenters and without warning the camera went live to the weather studio.

“I am very sorry for any offence that might have been caused by my actions,” he added.

Thanks to the mishap, #weatherman has been trending for a number of hours and comments like the following one made by @Mat_Hills are becoming more frequent than rain showers: “Live on the BBC, weatherman flips the bird at newsreader Simon McCoy. This is *exactly* what I pay my licence fee for”.

This is not the weatherman’s first blunder as he called the Western Isles and the west Highlands “nowheresville” during a live weather broadcast in 2007 and was reduced to hysterics by a slip of the tongue while trying to say “muddy site” during a Radio 4 forecast last year.

He began presenting on BBC Southeast Today in 2001 before joining national BBC outlets in 2006.


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