Posted by: rowenawilcox | August 3, 2010

Wales named most confused nation in Britain

Wales is the most confused nation in the UK, according to boffins at the University of Bristol.

The study published today, was based on the views of 6,000 people and reveals modern life has created a generation incapable of making decisions with new technology, an abundance of information and plenty of choice as the cause of creating a nation of ‘indeciders’. 

A whopping 84% of participants from Wales were deemed confused with the South East of England second at 82%.

Northern Ireland was the least at 73% and the study has also revealed more women reported being confused than men (84% compared to 72%).

Young adult women, young adult men, mothers and older people made up the focus group and terms such as ‘smart/casual’, predictive text and flat pack furniture have been identified as the key causes of flummoxing the population.

Almost half of those questioned (47%) said they felt unable to make decisions about every day life, while politics baffled 65% of participants. 

Professor Harriet Bradley from Bristol University’s Sociology department said: “With a constant stream of new media, daily technological advancements and aggressive multimedia advertising, it’s no wonder that over half of Britain thinks life is more confusing for them than it is for their parents. 

She added:“We really are becoming a nation of ‘indeciders’”.

You can, however, breathe a sigh of relief as the report has also shown confusion decreases with age as people gain experience and confidence.


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