Posted by: rowenawilcox | August 2, 2010

Father shocked by letter asking for his brain

colin rodgerson

SHOCKED: Retired maths teacher, Colin Rodgerson. Pic ©Wales Online

Most of us get bills or junk mail on the doormat, but one man from Penarth was stunned to find a letter asking for his brain.

Colin Rodgerson, a retired maths teacher, was sent the unusual request by chief researchers for their TIME study which investigates Transient Epileptic Amnesia (TEA), a condition Mr Jodgerson was diagnosed with five years ago.

In the letter, 60-year-old Mr Rodgerson was asked for his cranial tissue in the event of his death and was told the study of post-mortem brain tissue played a vital role in the understanding of neurological diseases.

He has participated in a number of tests since his diagnosis and has admitted he will consider the offer, although he was slightly shocked by it.

Speaking to Wales Online, he said: “It’s not everyday someone writes to you saying, ‘Can we have your brain?’

“It was all written in a very sensitive way but it was surprising nonetheless just to be asked,” he added.

This story has been trending since it was published this morning and seems to have gone viral, taking Twitter by (brain)storm. 




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