Posted by: rowenawilcox | July 20, 2010

Is Miio Tweet competition?

Twitter, the micro-blogging site has quickly been embraced by us all as a source of news, information and interesting comments.

It’s topped trends as companies and the media industry alike have scrambled to jump aboard the Twitter Train and stay ahead of developments.

Basically, unless you’ve lived under the sea for the past 18-months you must know about Twitter.

It has been unrivalled ever since it’s launch…Until now that is.

Step up Miio.

In your profile you say a little about you (as  in your Twitter bio) and add a list of things you like. Miio then does all the hard work by finding users with the same likes as you for you to consider following.

Just think of it as an improved Twitter lists service with a hint of Facebook and you won’t be far off the mark.

It is still very young at the moment having only been live for a few days, although if Twitter is anything to go by, this is soon to change – especially as Ashton Kutcher has already jumped on the micro-blogging bandwagon.

C’mon join the new revolution and join TweetCardiff over on Miio. I dare you! 

Once you’ve joined, let me know what you think.

Has Twitter finally got a rival?

Tweet_Note: At the time of publication Ashton had 130 followers (megre compared to his Twitter rankings) and this is what I’m going to look at to monitor Miio’s success.



  1. I follow aplusk on miio!

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