Posted by: rowenawilcox | July 14, 2010

Language: Lush aint it?

Ohmigod, it is, like, so lush that #lush is trending pretty much everywhere right now and it has, like, totally got me thinking about the localised extensions (or additions) to the English language.

Brought to life by Charlotte Church, Stacey of Gavin and Stacey fame and no doubt the Welsh in general, has it become our nation’s stereotype?

Yes, other regions have their own sub-language of colloquialisms too and it can be endearing, but surely it is way out of hand to feel the need to swot up on a non-existent phrase book even if you are only going further down the M4.

No more does ‘lush’ attach itself to alcoholics or luscious foliage, instead lovely, amazing, beautiful, attractive, nice and the likes (no intended pun there) can be summed up in one: lush!

Afterall, why not have a word that seems to fit all?

Are there any words or slang terms you think sum up your area/street or terms you think lend themselves to us Cardiffians?


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