Posted by: rowenawilcox | July 13, 2010

@stephenfry’s arrival in Cardiff tops Twitter trends

Quite Interesting funnyman, Steven Fry’s Honorary Fellowship from Cardiff University has sent the Twitter-verse into overdrive.

As a prominent figure on the site, it comes as no surprise that @stephenfry has been a trending topic throughout the day with Stephen’s graduation-related anecdotes keeping followers in the know.

One of Steven’s top Tweets was: “Must say Cardiff is looking spankingly good in the late afternoon sunshine. Castle is gleaming, Town Hall glowing. Much to like here” and inspired the following response all the way from Korea: “For me, Cardiff has been an alien city, once heard of in the British movies. After reading your tweet, I wish to visit someday :)”.

Other individuals to achieve Honorary Fellowships this week from the university include, flanker – Martyn Williams, former MI5 head – Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller and Grammy Award-winning artist – Rebecca Evans.

Congratulations to all involved…even the Welsh Tourist Board if Stephen’s Very Interesting Tweets are in any was influential as the man himself.


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