Posted by: rowenawilcox | May 7, 2010

Hung Parliament certain in #ge2010

UPDATE: The final results stand at: Conservatives- 306, Labour- 258, Liberal Democrats- 57, Plaid Cymru- 3, Other- 25. For a full breakdown, follow this link.
The majority of the votes are  in and a hung Parliament, the first in 26 years, is certain.

First past the post is the voting system used here in Britain so a winner can only be declared if they have an overall majority.

This is not the case this time as the Conservatives have 294 seats, Labour have 252, the Liberal Democrats have 53 and other parties have 27 collectively.

These figures will change later on as only 626 seats have been declared and there are another 24 to go.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for the latest news and we will update this post throughout the day.

In the mean time, the Independent have published this article explaining what a hung Parliament is.


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