Posted by: rowenawilcox | May 7, 2010

Five top poli-Twits

There is only one fitting subject for this week’s #FFF (Follow Friday Feature)…the general election.

Here is our pick of the poli-Twits (political Twitterers):

John Prescott

The former Deputy Leader of Labour offers many a witty anecdote concerning MPs from other parties and links to some very insightful articles.

Tweets include: “Better not tell you about Santa then! RT @TimMontgomerie: ConservativeHome no longer believes a Tory majority is possible”.

Nick Clegg

Rumoured to be the official account of political man of the moment who caused ‘Cleggmania’ on Twitter following the #leadersdebate.

Tweets include: “Just off to vote. Next job even more important: find non-voters and persuade them to vote! Urge you to do the same”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnie caused a storm across all channels during the election results shows last night after sending the following poli-Tweet to David Cameron: “Just called @davidcameron to congratulate him on the victory. Even though results aren’t in we know the Conservatives had a great day”.

Note: David Cameron’s account the California Governor used is actually the unofficial one and the account holder posted this update last night: “This unofficial Twitter is now shutting down, at the reasonable & very polite request of Tory HQ. Please follow @conservatives for updates”.

Nick Robinson

BBC’s Political Correspondent, Robinson, constantly delivers up to the minute information through his blog and this unofficial poli-Twit-ical account brings you his latest blog posts.

Tweets to expect include: “Hung Parliament argument rehearsals”.

David Mitchell

Twomic (Twitter comic), Mitchell, also falls into our new poli-Twit category as he covered the election on Channel 4 for the Alternative Election Night.

Expect irreverent comments, humour and satire aplenty with poli-Tweets like: “Just off to C4’s Alternative Election Night. 4 hours of live TV starting at 9pm. At least I’m not the only man bricking it in Britain today”.


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