Posted by: rowenawilcox | May 6, 2010

Election coverage sorted

VOTERS THIS WAY: Howard Gardens Bowls Pavillion, Adamsdown, this morning.

It is almost time for the TV-fest of multiple channel election coverage where familiar faces like Alastair Stewart, Jeremy Vine and Huw Edwards will bring us the long-awaited poll results as they come in.

There is also an Alternative Election Night scheduled by Channel 4 with Jimmy Carr, David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker bringing satire aplenty with a Come Dine With MP spoof amongst many political spoofs an election night deserves.

This general election is dominating Twitter’s trends, as predicted, and all news outlets are using the site and real-time advancements to extend their ‘normal’ tried and tested reporting methods and capture a new and wider audience.

We are all in for a long wait before the results trickle through but there are enough channels covering the event to flick through and try to find some new information, discover who would win Come Dine With MP and indeed who will be elected in your constituency.

Keep an eye on this blog and also our Twitter feed for the latest news as it breaks.

Also, if you have not yet voted you have just under an hour and a half to do so….It is voting o’clock remember.


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