Posted by: rowenawilcox | May 5, 2010

Will it be ‘Twitter wot won it’?

Election frenzy is gripping the nation where apparently no one votes any more…I beg to differ.

#leadersdebate, #ge10 and #ge2010 are just a few variations of the political hashtags that have been trending in Cardiff over the past few weeks.

Local campaigning has stepped up a notch with doorstep visits from parties and a forest of leaflets settling on the doormat, as the last day of battling for your vote is here.

Of course we won’t have an indication of the outcome until tomorrow evening when the results roll in but if the Tories clinch the most seats, I predict a repeat of the Sun’s iconic ‘IT WAS THE SUN WOT WON IT’ headline.

It was used after the Tories won the 1992 election and as the red-top turned blue last year, it will have no qualms about using the infamous phrase again. However, this is something we may never know and is dependent on the results.

Another factor influencing the polls this time is the web with Twitter and Facebook making it possible to pledge support for your chosen candidate, or even whole party, with a Twibbon on Twitter or by creating a group on Facebook.

The potential influence of social media has been reported widely, so much so perhaps the Sun’s front page should read: ‘IT WAS TWITTER WOT WON IT’.

As mentioned, Twitter is bursting with politically charged content, users and trends, but is this really enough to make us swap stance?

Would a derogetory comment backed up by a shared link; a quick quip at a snide remark to the expense of a potential PM; or another user’s profile picture make you place your oh-so-important cross in a different candidate’s box?

This is something we may never be certain of although surely a poll will be unearthed in the next few days to say otherwise.

Twitter has got us all talking about the elections though and this is some feat in itself.

Remember to put everything you have learned on the micro-blogging site to good use and cast your vote tomorrow.

Yesterday we compiled a list of all the candidates and polling stations in each of Cardiff’s four constituencies to help.


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