Posted by: rowenawilcox | May 4, 2010

Where is my nearest polling station?

Electorate never forget: Remember to cast your vote on Thursday

As part of out election help posts, here are details of all the polling stations in the city.

Cardiff Central

Cardiff North

Cardiff South and Penarth

Cardiff West

The pic attached to the post is a Plaid Cymru leaflet that was shoved through the door and whilst I’m not urging you to support or not to support Plaid, their message reminding us all to draw the deciding black biro cross in your chosen candidates box is more important than ever.

We all have the right to vote and as this election’s results will inevitably cause a frenzy among the media and public alike, it is time to decide who you want to represent you.

A non-vote is wasted vote and you cannot tut and sigh when you are unhappy as the results flood in on Thursday evening if you haven’t cast your integral cross.


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