Posted by: rowenawilcox | May 4, 2010

Cardiff election candidates for #ge10

Following the last of the Welsh Leaders Debates last night, we bring you a series of posts aimed to help you learn more about the candidates hoping to secure your vote on May 6.

Today we note each candidate and their party in Cardiff’s four constituencies: Cardiff Central, Cardiff North, Cardiff West and Cardiff South and Penarth.

Cardiff Central

Mark Beech (Monster Raving Loony Party)

Sam Coates (Green Party)

Susan Davies (UK Independence Party)

Alun Mathias (Independent)

Jenny Rathbone (Labour)

Karen Robson (Conservatives)

Ross Saunders (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Christopher Williams (Plaid Cymru)

Jenny Willott (Liberal Democrats)

Cardiff West

Kevin Brennan (Labour)

Jake Griffiths (Green Party)

Michael Hennessey (UK Independence Party)

Rachael Hitchinson (Liberal Democrats)

Mohammed Sarul Islam (Plaid Cymru)

Angela Jones-Evans (Conservatives)

Cardiff North

John Dixon (Liberal Democrats)

Jonathan Evans (Conservatives)

Lawrence Gwynn (UK Independence Party)

Julie Morgan (Labour)

Llywelyn Rhys (Plaid Cymru)

Derek Thomson (Christian Party)

Christopher Von Ruhland (Green Party)

Cardiff South & Penarth

Farida Aslam (Plaid Cymru)

Clive Bate (Christian Party)

George Burke (Independent)

Robert Griffiths (Communist Party)

Dominic Hannigan (Liberal Democrats)

Simon Hoare (Conservatives)

Alun Michael (Labour)

Matthew Townsend (Green Party)

Simon Zeigler (UK Independence Party)


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