Posted by: rowenawilcox | April 30, 2010

Five top Twomics

It is that time of the week for the obligatory #FF recommendations and today we bring you our favourite Twomics (Twitter comics).

Mrs Stephen Fry

Expect to laugh out loud with the “poor, downtrodden wife & mother of his five or six kids,” as her bio reads.

The Twitter feed is updated regularly and an example Tweet is: “Stephen’s very disappointed with his Avatar DVD. He’s watched the film twice & still can’t work out which one’s Blue Ray”.

 Russel Brand

Famed for his flamboyant personality and unpredictable outbursts, Brand’s eccentricity is projected through his Twitter feed.

“Happy Earth Day. I’m on Earth everyday. The fact that we need an “Earth Day” is a sign that we will soon need to live on the moon,” is just one of his ponderings.

Jason Manford

Manchester comic, Jason Manford, keeps us up to speed with his daily life with Tweets like this: “PFA awards gig went well, I didn’t die. Altho an old fella on the top table nearly did. Luckily he didn’t. That wouldve been tough to follow”.

Tweets about his twin baby girls and behind-the-scenes gossip from his shows and media appearances feature heavily in his feed.

Rob Brydon

Welsh wonder, aka Uncle Bryn, likes to talk socks on his Twitter account: “So, on WILTY tonight, Martin Clunes, Richard E Grant, Fern Britten and Sanjeev Bhaskar. Nice line up. Socks now on. Long and blue”.

JoJo Smith

Feisty female Twomic, JoJo Smith ensures you will be entertained on the daily commute, in the office or wherever you are when you check your Tweets.

Expect comments like this: “I swear to god the woman who paints my nails has a greater grasp of medicine than the dopey nurse at my Doctor’s surgery,” to fill your timeline.


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