Posted by: rowenawilcox | April 29, 2010

‘Bigot’ causes Twitter storm for Brown

Amidst claims of Gordon Brown calling a 66-year-old grandmother “a bigoted woman”, a Twitter account has been created in her honour and #bigotedwoman has been trending ever since.

The homage to Gillian Duffy, the subject of the PMs slur, has had thousands of Re-Tweets after the comment was made public yesterday.

Brown had been campaigning in Rochdale when Gillian nipped out for a loaf of bread, saw him and addressed her concerns about the number of immigrants in the area.

The pair appeared to part in a civilised fashion yet Brown’s comment to aide Justin Forsyth calling her “a bigoted woman” was recorded by the mic he was wearing for the televised campaign.

Some see this as the loaf that broke the camels back with a decline in Labour supporters since the recession.

An interview with Gillian has been published by the Sun ( and keep an eye on her Phwitter (phony Twitter) feed (

The last live pre-election debate is aired at 8:30 on BBC1 tonight and let us hope Brown’s mic is on as Cameron and Clegg are sure to address’loaf-gate’.

Bad times, Brown.


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