Posted by: rowenawilcox | April 23, 2010

Five top Phwitter accounts

To kick start our brand new feature, here are our five top Phwitter-ers (Phoney Twitterers):

 Chuck Norris

The martial arts champion and action movie star became the prime target of this spoof account.  

Even though it is not updated often, witty one-liners like “Chuck Norris took a math test and put down ‘violence for every answer and got a perfect score. He solves all his problems with violence,” make up for it.

Jack Bauer

24’s top Government agent, played by Kiefer Sutherland, can get hacked with a Phwitter account too. 

Expect remarks from the series and comments like: “Crap. I think Hastings is keeping me for 6 hours to fill out paperwork. For all the past seasons!”


The most holy of Phwitter-ers created this Twitter world in just 140 characters. 

Updates like: “Joined Facebook. None of my high school friends were on it. Deleted my account”; “About to make it rain” and “Such a beautiful day out, I may just walk to Hawai”are regularly posted.

Princess Leia

Another Phwitter from another world but this one is worth a mention as each Phweet is signed with the pincale of Leia’s look – @-_-@


Homer Simpson

Apparently ‘real’ Tweets from the married, middle-aged father-of-two.

Even Homer has an opinion on the iPad: “The iPad: Finally, a solution for my fat fingers. Now if only I had someone to shell out $500 (Mr. Burns, you listening?”

Remember you can follow these #FollowFriday recommendations on our Twitter page (it is real and not a Phwitter).


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