Posted by: rowenawilcox | April 16, 2010

UK flights still cancelled as flight information centre crashes

Flights remain grounded across the UK due to volcanic ash and have forced a flight information website to be taken offline due to a sharp increase in web traffic.

Map showing extent of ash cloud over Europe (pic courtesy of BBC)

The unusual circumstances led to an influx of anxious passengers and holidaymakers stranded abroad, trying to visit the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) website, and the volume was so high its servers couldn’t cope.

All flights have been cancelled since yesterday morning due to the eruption of an Icelandic volcano causing a huge ash cloud to hover above Britain and parts of Europe.

Through a dedicated site, specifically set up to cover the eruption and chaos its caused, it has been announced that a restriction will remain in force until 7am tomorrow morning, when the situation will be reassessed.

In the latest statement issued by NATS, it was stated: “We are looking for opportunities when the ash cloud moves sufficient for us to enable some flights to operate under individual coordination with ATC [Air Traffic Control]”.

As we reported yesterday, this affected the repatriation flight of Fusilier Jonathan Burgess who was killed in Helmand province last week.

The trending topic ‘#ashtag’ is sure to be trending for the rest of the weekend as the backlog of passengers will have to be cleared as well as the scheduled flights.


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