Posted by: rowenawilcox | April 15, 2010

Election circus is visiting town

Over-the-top statements, too much make up and sychophantic fans- no, not X Factor, I’m talking about tonight’s hotly anticipated The First Election Debate.

POLITICAL SHOW: (l-r) Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Alistair Stewart (Chairperson) and Gordon Brown as the live debate was aired

With Alistair Stewart chairing the first live televised debate between leaders of the three main British parties, will the whole debaucle turn in to a spectacle normally judged by Simon Cowell et al?

A strictly 60 second, deep and highly persuasive, almost soliloquy will be performed by each of the acts at the start of the show and then again at the end when the audience are shifting in their seats.

For the duration, the studio audience get to quiz Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg for the 90 minute programme and it’s widely speculated that a panto of this size may tip the votes.

This is great news for Brown and Clegg as to earn some credit as The Sun today reports the Tories are nine points ahead of Labour.

So, will we get to see the three real people hiding behind a political act or does the mask never slip?

will we be expecting a rave, critic-pleasing show only to be greeted by a short encore from the leading stars?

will the finalists resort to pre-mediated sob stories in order to scoop some sympathy votes as we’ve seen all too often on reality TV?

One thing is for sure, when the bows have been practiced, the lights come on and curtain goes down, speculation will be rife before the critic’s reviews pour in over tomorrow morning’s cornflakes and coffee.

Catch the programme on ITV at 8:30 tonight….Enjoy the show.


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