Posted by: rowenawilcox | March 31, 2010

Digital is the new black

So we have become the first region in the UK to turn digital.

SWITCH: Our new lodger

Are we going to get beamed up to space, wear tin-foil and turn green too?

At the moment, the TV will only pick-up about ten out of ten million (or eighty three) channels and we were stuck watching Jeremy Kyle for an excruciating three minutes earlier(all we could bear).


Hopefully, the government won’t change their minds about this whole digital malarkey and get fed up of something that seemed to be working just fine (RIP analogue).

You’d be forgiven for thinking more money has been spent on getting us all switched over than Rooney earns in a year and if that weird little robot creature appears on the doormat in the form of an information pack one more time, he may as well just move in.

I think it is fair to say we all know analogue has been deemed ‘so last season’ by the big-wigs in charge but is all this fuss really necessary?

Should we all just accept that digital is the new black?


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