Posted by: rowenawilcox | March 12, 2010

Cardiff bloggers meet-up

Cocktails, buzz word bingo and about forty Cardiff bloggers crammed into a small-ish alcoved room made for a great night last night.

Accomplished bloggers, newbie bloggers, WordPress bloggers, Blogger bloggers (of which there were about two) and bloggers who couldn’t tell RSS feeds from their elbow had the chance to mingle, swap tales and network in the city’s first ‘Cardiff Bloggers Meet-up’ event.

HOUSE: Last night's bingo score card

A quick-fire round of ‘Buzz Word Bingo’ as the presentation by @jamescuff got underway made us all chuckle and within seconds of receiving the score-card, James inevitably said ‘social networks’. Twice. (Other buzz words can be seen in the picture to the right)

It was interesting to speak to other bloggers about their own experience in sourcing stories, deciding what their target audience will be and monetising the blog.

The lack of mics did test our hearing a tad, although it didn’t stop us all pitching in with questions and discussion points.

Amazingly, WordPress was the resounding winner as the majority of us there use the site to support our blogs and it was suggested this is because of the tools they support and the ease at adding audio and visual.

Twitter, has also paved the way for new bloggers to enter the scene and many people there last night admitted they use their Twitter feed as a micro-blog and see it as an alternative as opposed to an accompaniment.

We all agreed afterwards that the media industry is changing even quicker than the trends are being noticed and whilst there seems to be an over abundance of online start-ups and community websites, this may fizzle out soon as the market for hyperlocal news saturates.

Nevertheless, there are some great blogs being produced right on our doorstep such as Cardiff Bites, Your Cardiff  and Cardiff Blogger, not forgetting GdnCardiff– a project developed by the Guardian to appoint beatbloggers to the UK.

@hrwaldram, who co-hosted the night with @ed_walker86, is our Cardiff beatblogger and it will be interesting to see how the experimental project by the Guardian pans out. So far so good though.

View pictures from the evening here.


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