Posted by: rowenawilcox | March 9, 2010

Increased links from South Wales to London proposed

It could be full steam ahead as a merged partnership of local authorities and regional development agencies bid for a High Speed Rail (HSR) line from London to South Wales.

The Great Western Partnership is leading the bid campaign and recognise a HSR would promote economic benefits with speedy links (around 198m/h) between London, South Wales and South West England..

The addition of the fast track will reduce the journey time from London to Cardiff to around 70 minutes, and the time from London to Bristol to around 60 minutes.

This is a significant difference to the time it currently takes to skip between the two cities and could help economically as the public can apply for jobs further afield if their daily commute will be shorter and the development of the HSR could create many jobs in all the areas mentioned.

Cardiff Council’s leader, Rodney Berman, has been pressing the case for HSR and the benefits it will bring to the economy saying: “It is essential that the UK’s core cities stand shoulder-to-shoulder to campaign for a transportation system fit for the 21st century and I am fully committed to persuading the Government to develop a High Speed Rail line from London to South Wales.”

It has the potential to help improve the UK’s economic performance and make a significant contribution to the UK Government’s carbon reduction objectives by transferring long distance services to a designated line.

Transport Secretary, Lord Adonis, will shortly announce proposals for the UK’s second HSR line ‘High Speed 2’, connecting London with the West Midlands, North of England and Scotland to Wales.

South West RDA Board Member Nick Buckland is emphasising the need for a network approach so full benefits are realised from HSR investment.

He said: “It is essential that we come together to campaign for a rail system which helps us to compete in a global economy. 

“Increasing the competitiveness of the UK economy as a whole means we need a nationwide HSR network which includes a line from London to Bristol and Cardiff which also makes direct rail links to Heathrow possible.”

If the bid goes ahead, the speedy links will help get the Welsh economy
back on track and the greater links to London and Bristol will be welcomed.


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