Posted by: rowenawilcox | March 9, 2010

Calling all Castaway wannabes


Fancy yourself as the next Bear Grylls? Always had the desire to live in the wilderness with damp leaves for a shelter? Always wanted to live off plants and start a fire by rubbing two sticks together for hours on end?

CASTAWAY: Survival expert Nick Gough on Flat Holm Island last year.

Your prayers have been answered…

Flat Holm Island will be holding survival courses this Summer for those with a keen interest in all of the above.

Nick Gough, a bushcraft and survival expert who has spent a week on the island previously, living of rabbits, fish and plants whilst battling the elements will run the courses.

Former paratrooper, Nick, who has also spent time living in the Mojave Desert and the jungles of Cambodia and Borneo.

Nick Explains “I had an amazing time on the Flat Holm, and felt that it would be a brilliant place to pass on my skills to others, I am delighted that the Flat Holm team have enabled me to run my survival courses from the island.”
During the weekend long course, castaways will learn the four key skills of survival: fire, shelter, food and water, using only natural resources that can be found on the island.
Participants will be shown how to make their own shelter, create fire using prehistoric techniques using friction bow and flint and steel and will be taught how to make cordage, fishing hooks and traps.

Forty eight-year-old Nick will also show castaways how to catch mammals, identify and collect edible plants and shell fish.
Nick adds: “The aim of the course is to teach you everything you would need to know to able to sustain yourself as a castaway in this beautiful remote location.”

BEACON OF HOPE: Flat Holm Lighthouse

Executive Member for Sport, Culture and Leisure, Cllr Nigel Howells, said: “Flat Holm Island really is a jewel in the crown of Cardiff, which constantly offers unique opportunities for people to enjoy.

“It’s also fantastic to hear that Nick Gough is returning to Flat Holm to pass on all his wonderful skills that he learnt on the island back in the summer of 2009.”
The Castaway courses will take place on the following dates:
16 – 18th April, 14th-16th May, 9th- 11th July, 27th-29th August, 10 – 12th – September and 8th-10th October.
The cost for a weekend trip, including course fees and island/boat costs are :
* £200 per adult
* Under 16’s £125 minimum age 14 unless accompanied by parent/adult
* A Family Group of 4 (Must include 1 adult) £500
15% Discount for group bookings of more than 6 people on course fees only
* Tented accommodation, is available plus cooking equipment, meals and bush-craft tools
For further information click here.


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