Posted by: rowenawilcox | February 18, 2010

Blame it on the weatherman


Weathermen (and women) were all-white with their forecast, getting it spot on for today. 

A screenshot of #uksnow Map 2.0

Snow is in the air and it is time to use one of the specially made Twitter apps and tell the world what the flurry is like in your area. 

#uksnow Map 2.0 can be a useful tool if your planning on travelling somewhere (not that conditions are Arctic just yet) and want to check the snow isn’t too bad there, or it can be used as a bit of fun to mock those with no snow as you’re nice and warm by the fire, enjoying a ‘snow day’, with a blizzard in its full icy blast outside. 

Ben Marsh (@benmarsh), #uksnow Map 2.0’s inventor tells @Tweet_Cardiff about his creation: 

“The idea came about during the huge amounts of snow we had last February. I was checking Twitter for people talking about where it was snowing and I noticed that users were entering their postcode and a score to describe where and how much snow they were getting,” Ben said. 

“As the numbers of reports picked up it occurred to me that a good way for people to make sense of this information would be on a map, and as I had a few hours spare that evening I created a simple web app to visualise the Tweets.” 

Art Attack: Can you tell what it is yet?


With the recent bouts of snow, the app has been extremely popular and according to Ben: “The snow map has had over 300,000 hits since the middle of December when the new version launched, with over 50,000 hits in one day.” 

If you would like to join the action, Tweet the first half of your postcode followed by a rating out of ten for the amount of snow (0 being nothing and 10 being a blizzard) and don’t forget to add the #uksnow hash tag. 

For example: CF44 8/10 #uksnow. 

What are you waiting for? Join the Twitterati and become an online weatherman. 

If you have no snow in your area, Make-a-Flake (@Tweet_Cardiff’s attempt is pictured, right)


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