Posted by: rowenawilcox | February 17, 2010

Let it #uksnow, let it #uksnow, let it #uksnow!

#uksnow looks set to become a trending topic once again across Cardiff as snow is forecast for tomorrow.

Minute crystals of twinkling ice flurry from the clouds and wrap the world in a snug shroud of frosty goodness- killing transportation, schools and the retail sector in one cold sweep.

Councils have blamed a lack of grit for impassable roads, pavements and side streets, consequently leading to school closures across South Wales.

Snowflake Physicist's Photographs to Be Featured on 2006 Postage StampsWintry conditions divide the nation: half turn into eight-year-olds and relish in the thought of a ‘snow day’, whilst the other half become grown-ups and worry about stocking up on food and cat litter to grit the garden path.

Bread and milk shortages: another one of the joys of snowfall!

Over zealous members of the community stock up on crates of bread and gallons upon gallons of fresh milk….and then more gallons upon gallons of the long-life variety (just in case).


Sheer madness.

An over abundance of readers’ letters complaining about the weather filled the local rags less than a month ago and many asked that a sense of ‘community spirit’ be restored.

This can be fulfilled.

Arm yourself with some make-shift grit, a shovel and a woolly hat; grab your neighbours and go and show that snow what you’re made of.

…Or channel your inner eight-year-old and make a snowman (carrot compulsory, top hat optional).


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