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#MusicMonday: Reaper In Sicily

Reaper In Sicily

In the spirit of #MusicMonday, @Tweet_Cardiff caught up with Reaper In Sicily, Wales’ rising rockstars, to talk diva demands, stage injuries and dinner parties.

Here’s the exclusive interview:

@Tweet_Cardiff: How did you guys get started as a band?
Reaper In Sicily: We happend to be looking for new bands at the time we came together. Through friends of friends etc, I suppose you could say someone put their dream team of local musicians together and it created the outfit we are today!

#TC: How long have you been together?
RIS: Since November 2008

#TC: What’s been your fave gig so far?
RIS: It has to be the O2 Arena in London. There was so much relying on it, it was like a boxing match: blood, sweat and tears- literaly so much passion. We had to give the performance of a lifetime and we walked away with a record contract!

#TC: Any backstage info from the debut video shoot?
RIS: Haha. Oooo, there’s quite a lot of dirt I could give you but, not to pick on anyone personally, there were some incidents: half way through the shoot I [Rhys] split open all my lip. I ran into the crowd and someone swinging their arms knocked the mic straight through my tooth and lip. Then, for the solo shots in the video, I have a massive thick lip but the make up artist did a cracking job so not all was lost haha.
Also, the producers made Mike change his clothes on numerous occassions ’cause he was the only person who wouldn’t follow the colour theme.

#TC: Who are your musical influences? RIS: We have a big 60s influence into modern day bands like The Blackout and Rise Against and even modern day club music. We love it all and it shows in our music!

TC: What would you be doing if you weren’t in the band?
RIS: Lol, good question. I’d like to think  we would all be doing very well in our everyday jobs, apart from Matt, who would be in life, full of debt, selling his body  out side the bingo halls as a gigaloo.

#TC: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?
RIS:  5 years is a long time…We played our first gig in june 2009 and look where we are now. Surely in 5 years, if we keep going like this, we could be something big.

#TC: Any diva demands backstage? RIS: Ha! Mike is the worst probably. He demands strawberries before every gig. But then Jonny Chapp is a bad one aswell, as he will only eat KFC before any gig. This can be quite an inconvience trying to find one.

#TC: Which 3 guests would you invite to dinner (dead or alive)?
RIS: Well, I think we would have a very entertaining dinner so it would be Jesus, Sean from The Blackout and Peter Kay.

#TC: Anything you guys would like to add? 
RIS: Yes our single is out on march the 8th-  ‘We Are The Show!’-  and please visit:  Come and have a chat. Honestly, we have time for everyone! Thank you Rowena! : )

Keep checking out @Tweet_Cardiff for more exclusive interviews with rising stars.



  1. these guys are soo funny!

    • Yes I know, really pleased with the interview.

      Hopefully it will be the first of many for Reaper In Sicily and for @Tweet_Cardiff…’s hoping.

  2. love it =] matt selling himself lol mike and strawberries double lol

  3. this made me lol! just checked there music too there realy good!

  4. […] boys to big city rockers It’s been a tough few months for Reaper In Sicily (RIS) since I last caught up with them as their guitarist, Matthew Jenkins, was diagnosed with leukaemia in March and many […]

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